Thursday, August 08, 2019

I'm resetting my alarm clock as a Sleep Apnea treatment

Just when I thought I had enough doctors . . .

Oh, well, what else are seniors for, if not to keep their physicians entertained.  :)

I took the Sleep Apnea test--sleeping with electrodes glued all over me was weird enough, but being under audio and video surveillance all night by the hospital staff was even more weird--and it turns out that I have a mild case. 

So I'm now under doctor's orders to go to bed and wake up at prescribed and predictable hours, which, once my body readjusts, will give me seven hours sleep every night.

The real "fun," though, is that all napping is strictly forbidden.  There goes my Shabbos nap.  (:

Ah, the "Golden Years."  One never knows what new medical adventure awaits.  :)


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